Welcome back to the show everyone, on this episode we have a submission from a man who remembers when he was awoken by a severe storm that have moved in the area. He went to the window and was looking outside at the storm and when the lighting cracked and lite up the area he noticed a terrifying entity lurking just outside. The next day he went out to find footprints in the area it was standing but did not find any footprints leading to or away from that location. Then we go into the infamous Waverly Hills Sanatorium. During this research we found some very interesting stories. A group of people goto investigate and nothing happens until they decide to go take a break on the roof. A flaming person was spotted, a woman roaming the halls in chains. Then there is a very sinister entity that is said to kind of be the warden of the entire place. It’s truly a terrifying sounding place that hopefully someday we get to visit and take a stroll through one of the most haunted places. Thanks for listening and as always stay safe and stay weird


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