Welcome back to the show everyone, on this episode we have a submission form someone how wants to stay completely anonymous. They even made a throw away email. Never the less they go on to tell us about a case where there was a portal like blue light coming from their wall. Not long after some beings began to come through the wall and try to take them away. Then we go into the episode, it involves calls from people after they’ve passed. One story was a man who had passed in a train accident. His family kept getting calls from him so everyone thought he was alive and they kept looking for him. Only to find his body later on and found he had died instantly in the crash. Another man had a call from his mother, his mother had a warning for him…be careful be careful. Later on the man was almost stabbed by his own father. Another case involves a man who had passed then began to send emails out to all his friends and family. What do you guys think about this? We hope you enjoy the show and as always stay safe and stay weird. 


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