Mad Gasser

Welcome back to the show everyone, on this episode we have a submission from Lauren.  She tells us  a story of her friend who get rejected by a guy she really liked. Well that didn’t sit to well with her so she ended up casting a spell on said guy. The guy ended up having bad things happen to him but the punishment may not have fit the crime because Laurens friend my have paid an even higher price. Then we dive into the Mad Gasser case. This case took place only hours away from our home town. A mysterious figure torments a town by spraying a unknown gas into their windows. This gas would paralyze you for some time and also make you throw up. All the while this was taking place the figure would lurk outside the windows and watch what happens to you. Despite tons of people trying to catch this being no one ever got close. Thanks for listening and as always stay safe and  stay weird. 


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