Welcome back to the show everyone, on this episode we have a submission from a man who was invited to a party. He was told it would benefit him greatly to show up. So he ends up showing up and only then finds out his friend was into the occult. He watches as they perform rituals throughout the night. When he leaves with his friend he says I want no part of anything you have going on. Fast forward years down the road and he sees a woman who was at the party, yet she hasn’t aged one bit. Then we go back into the story around Dulce, New Mexico. When venture down the Paul Bennewitz portion of the story. Paul was looking into downed craft where the supposed Dulce D.U.M.B is located. Paul starts being able to communicate with aliens. Then the story blows up with a disinformation agent using Paul. Devices found in peoples homes that were listening devices. All types of things start to spiral out of control. We hope you enjoy the episode. Stay safe and stay weird. 


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